Goodbye PS3. Well herlooowwww there PS4~~ (*v*/\)

just…. 1 more… week…. for PS4……

just… 1 more week… for FFXIV in full blast HD……..

just 1 more week…… to spam screenshots………

just 1 more week…

totally have a crush on dat cayden. i mean wat. a+++

HAHAHAHAHA. was struggling not to grin and blush every second when editing him. lol  


Zephyrantes: i realised something

Zephyrantes: don't be mad bout it,

Zephyrantes: but this whole ffxiv

Zephyrantes: is like you and niena playing house.

Zephyrantes: with dolls.

Tim Yari: YESSS 8DDD


Niena: :3

Niena: i tollldd jooo

Niena: its a tokimeki gameee

Zephyrantes: tokimeki sandbox

Zephyrantes: make your own chara, date other chara

Niena: get to know new chara

Niena: flirt with other chara

Niena: need to up ur social link skills

Niena: little by little get to know them

Niena: shopping for clothes

Niena: grind dungeons for cool clothes

Niena: dyes

Niena: fashion!

Niena: 8DDDDD

Zephyrantes: haha ya

Zephyrantes: and later you'll get your own FC house...

Niena: 8DDDDD